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Leon Seti - AND I'M GONE

Leon Seti - AND I'M GONE

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Leon Seti - GRIMOIRE (Visualizer)

Leon Seti - GRIMOIRE (Visualizer)

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Leon Seti - IF ONLY

Leon Seti - IF ONLY

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Leon Seti - Japan

Leon Seti - Japan

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LEON SETI is the project born out of the mind and voice of Leo Baldi, who writes and produces every song of the discography. Based in Amsterdam, his nostalgic yet experimental electro-pop has been played by the BBC Introducing and featured on Billboard Italy and CLASH, amongst others. His album COBALT reached #1 on the Itunes Electronic chart in Italy, garnering good reviews and comparisons to Björk, Peter Gabriel and The Pet Shop Boys. Seti's second album, GRIMOIRE, came out January 27th 2023, to rave reviews. It reached #1 on the Itunes electronic chart in Italy and the Netherlands, while landing in the Itunes top 10 of general sales in both countries.

Official discography includes the Talking Shadows EP; an experimental mixtape, Genuflection, played by the BBC Introducing; COBALT, the album; a collaboration with folk artist Pilgrims' Dream, The Mountain; Hell, premiered on Billboard Italia; Hell (Maestro Remix); JAPAN; Antidote and GRIMOIRE, the album.




"If Only, una delicata ballad elettronica che parla degli effetti della depressione sulle persone che circondano chi ne è affetto."

"Seti attains a harmonious blend of the personal and the universally relatable within every track’s message, as well as effortlessly intertwining lavish vocal harmonies and intricate layers that brings a warmth to his emotive voice."

“The Amsterdam-based artist is attentive to the subtleties in his sound, taking his listener on a gradual journey of conflict and self-understanding. From start to finish ‘Lullaby’ builds upon its ethereal, all-encompassing vocals and momentous synths, embellished with pure flutes and twinkling chimes.”

“Un disco fatto di rimandi elettronici, dalle sonorità più contemporanee a quelle vintage, che compongono un orizzonte sonoro sempre elegante. morbido ed accogliente. Un disco che fa viaggiare!”

“Il secondo disco di LEON SETI è un’ingegnosa visione popolare che veicola il traffico dell’anima attraverso conturbanti giochi musicali che brillano di luce propria."

“Blending a rich and adventurous electro-pop aesthetic with his own soaring vocal style, this new one will definitely make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end."

“Seti has used Cobalt to confront his emotional demons amongst an album in two mindsets. One half has its foot solely in the hypnotizing atmosphere of calm, the other in 80s pop dance beats. Both styles work well throughout the record and don’t seem to get in each other’s way; instead, they work together to portray the singer’s current state and create variety within the record. This also allows the singers creative juices to flow, making for a varied and solid record."



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